In Case I Die

A Planning Guide

an eBook by

Jon Jaques, CPA

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Completing this guide will be the most valuable gift
you will ever give your family.

Written by a CPA, this is the most comprehensive guide on the market today to help prepare for a sudden death.

This 53 page guide covers it all, including:

Demographic Information

Last Will & Testament
Power of Attorney Medical Directive
Trust Paperwork Guardianship of Minors Paperwork
Location of Other Important Documents Obituary Comments
Funeral Service Comments Headstone & Grave Marker Comments
Provisions for Veterans Location of Form DD-214 Memberships in Organizations
Special Friends to Contact Organizations to Contact
Religious Contacts Family Contacts
Online Account Passwords Bank Accounts, Banks and Safe Deposit Boxes
Investment Accounts Online Accounts
Copies of Past Three Years Tax Returns and Supporting Documents Summary of Life Insurance and Companies
Location of Life Insurance Policies Summary of Retirement Plans
Annuities and Other Deferred Payments Summary of Real Estate Owned
Other Assets to Consider Business Assets Owned
Special Notes about Business Assets Special Collections Owned (Coins, Guns, etc.)
Notes on Disposition of Special Collections Special Sentimental Items
Key People - Attorney Key People - Life Insurance Agents
Key People - Accountant/Tax Preparer Key People - Executor/Co-Executor/Sub. Executor
Key People - Banker Key People - Investment Advisor
Major Debts/Creditors/Mortgages Assets & Debts Owned Jointly
Notes to Spouse Notes to Children
Life Accomplishments Special Instructions (Outside of Will)

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